Etsy Handmade Craft Carnival: #7

The Best Carnival in Town!

Welcome to the Carnival!

Greetings everyone and welcome to the seventh week of our Humbleville “Etsy Handmade Craft Carnival!”

This week has been an exciting one! I invited our friend Kim, from Charis Baby Designs, to come visit Humbleville and talk about her life of Running an Etsy Shop on a Sailboat in the Bahamas! Cool, right?!

And tomorrow we’ve got another special treat in store for you, our September Giveaway! Throughout the month of September, we’ll be hosting a Giveaway from our friend Lynn over at Urban Pearl Studio! She’s offered a gorgeous set of… you want me to say it don’t you?! Well too bad! You’ll just have to wait ’til tomorrow to find out more! Muahahaha! 😀

Anyways! Let’s get this Carnival underway! Looks like a good one if you ask me!

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