One Month ‘Til Christmas Checklist

♪ It’s Beginning to Look a Little Overwhelming ♪

Our House at Christmas... Sort of.

First of all, how cool are the music notes!?

Moving on, Thanksgiving is over and there’s not much time before Christmas. It’s officially a month ’til Christmas and I’ve definitely begun stressing out.

So to help ease my worried mind, I decided I should write out my Christmas To-do list and check off what I already have done.  Hopefully this will make me feel better.

✓ 1. Decorate the Christmas Tree.  

It’s a fake one this year, but still just as pretty. I put it up this past Tuesday, actually spent the whole afternoon decorating it to surprise Humble Timothy when he got home from work. Mission accomplished!

  2. Put up garland.

There’s something about lighted pine garland that just makes the whole downstairs feel so cozy! Not only did I put garland up above my entertainment center in the living room, which looks amazazing by the way, but I also put in above the cabinets in the kitchen. I’ll be sad when I have to take them all down.

  3. Make a Christmas gift shopping list.

Although my list is frequently changing, I have made one. I think you all can tell that I like making lists, mainly because if I don’t write it down, I’ll forget it. I’d hate to think of the perfect gift for someone on my list, never write it down, and then forget about it. It’s happened before.

 ✓ 4. Go Christmas shopping.

I’m giving this one an unbolded check mark because at least I can say I’ve started my Christmas shopping, even though I’m not done. Any Christmas shopper knows that you’ll be finding little gifts right up to the day so it may be some time before I can bold that check mark!

     5. Wrap presents.

This kind of goes hand in hand with Christmas shopping so I suppose it’s kind of unfair to include this on my list until I have more shopping done. Regardless, the day will come when I’m up to my neck in unwrapped gifts, therefore, wrapping presents remains on the list.

     6. Clean the house for guests. 

This is actually for one guest in particular, my best friend, who’s spending the holidays in Humbleville. I’m so excited to have her here so I want to make sure the guest room looks awesome for her!

     7. Make Christmas cookies.

My mom and I make Christmas cookies every year so about a week before the big day, we’ll whip out the flour, sugar, and whatever else and get busy making cookies! Usually we make a 4-5 dozen, but that will easily be doubled they year since we’ll be bringing some to church.

     8. Put up outdoor Christmas lights.

We didn’t do this last year and I wished we had, since it was our first Christmas in our new home. I don’t care if it’s just one strand of icicle lights, but this year, we’re putting up Christmas lights!

  9. Make Christmas cards.

This was an easy task to check off because I already have loads of Christmas cards made for Humble Shop so making an extra set for myself was a piece of cake!

      10. Mail out Christmas cards.

I’ve never really mailed out Christmas cards, but I guess it’s a good habit to get into. Seems like it’s hard to keep in touch with friends and extended family lately, so sending the annual Christmas card would be a good way to break the silence!

So there’s my Christmas To-do list. As you can see, I still have plenty to do, but honestly, I do feel better seeing that I have some tasks checked off already!

Have you made a Christmas checklist yet? How much of it have you already checked off? And, is there anything on your list that isn’t on mine? If so, let me know what I’m forgetting! ❤