Netflix: Ridding You of Your Cable Bill

The High Cost of Cable

Cable television.  Over 60% of the 105 million households in America subscribe to cable television services, that’s not even including cable alternatives like satellite television.  That’s more than 63,000,000 cable bills distributed to American citizens each month!

The average cost of cable in America is roughly $70.00 a month, but some households have seen theirs reach well into the upper $200’s a month!

Now we, the humble citizens of Humbleville, like relaxing as much as the next town, but it just seems like there has to be a cheaper way to watch television!

Choosing Netflix or Cable

I grew up watching television.  Honestly, I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t come home from school and have my pick of 60+ channels, my favorites being Food Network and HGTV.

Jumping ahead a decade or so, I’m now married, Mayor of Humbleville, and I don’t have nearly as much free time as I’d like.  So when it came to figuring out what cable service provider we should go with for our new home, we had many more variables to consider than just the number of channels we were getting.

  1. How much will this cost me?
  2. I only get how many channels for how much?
  3. Do I even spend enough time at home to warrant paying for cable?

During our deliberation, we signed up for a free week trial of Netflix.  We couldn’t believe the selection they offered on their “Instant” play list.  Tons of movies and even some of my favorite television shows could be streamed instantly to our tv, and for only $9.99 a month!

You probably already know what our final decision was about which cable provider to go with; None.  Instead, we would try using only Netflix; their DVD’s in the mail and their instant streaming.

Cable Provider Price Comparisons

It has now been over a year since Humble Timothy and I began our subscription to Netflix.   Netflix is continuously adding new television shows and movies to their “Instant” play list,  so we haven’t run out of things to watch.

We’re so excited about how much we’ve saved over the past year, that we wanted to show the rest of Humbleville how significant the savings are over just that 1 year.

Below, I have posted a rough estimate of the annual prices some one would pay using the following companies.

Disclaimer: My estimates do not account for taxes, local discounts, or pricing fluctuations.

Cost Per Month Cost Per Year
Netflix $9.99 $119.88
Dish Network $24.99 $299.88
DirectTV $29.99 $359.88
Bright House $50.00 $600.00
Verizon Fios $64.99 $779.88

As you can see, Netflix is significantly cheaper than both the cable and satellite service providers.  You want to know what the best part is?  No commercials!  That’s right!  No annoying commercials, no missing your favorite show, and no week-long waits for the next episode!

In case you’re wondering, this was not a paid advertisement for Netflix.  We, at the Humbles Residence, just really appreciate the service and pricing they provide to their members and wanted to pass that along to you, the citizens of Humbleville!

Happy viewing and happy saving!