Embracing The “Buy One Get One Free”

This promotion is simple and effective. The customer pays for one item and gets a second one for free, basically getting 2 for the price of 1.

Great deal right?  Who doesn’t love getting something for free!

Obviously this promotion is great for saving money, but there are ways to maximize the benefits of “Buy One Get One Free” promotions.

Use Coupons for Added Savings

Did you know in most cases, you don’t have to pay full price for the first item?  Now I know it some people don’t like using coupons, for fear of looking cheap, but coupons are important to maximize your savings.

So lets say that your local grocery store, we’ll call it Humble Grocer, is running a “buy one get one free” promotion on cake mixes.  To keep things simple, we’ll say one box of cake mix costs $2.00.

Now it just so happens that you have a $.75 off (when you buy one) coupon for this particular cake mix.

As the cashier rings it up, you’ll see that not only d0 you get 2 boxes of cake mix for just $2.00, but you also got the coupon’s discount of $.75 off the one box you actually paid for.

Our final total for both boxes of cake mix is $1.25, then divide buy two (since we got two boxes) and you see that you only paid about $.63 for each box!  That’s a pretty substantial difference from $2.00!

Stock Up on Things You Frequently Use

When things go on sale, it’s a good time to stock up on the ones you use most often.  For example: In our home, we love hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, and frozen pizzas, exquisite taste, I know.  Whenever I see “buy one get one free” promotions on any of those items, I like to stock up on them!

As long as you have the capital and the storage room, stocking up during “buy one get one free” promos are one of the best ways to keep grocery costs down.

Don’t Buy Things You Wouldn’t Normally

There’s just something about the “buy one get one free” promotion that gets me all googly-eyed!  Even if it’s something I don’t usually buy,  suddenly I have this overwhelming urge to!

It’s similar to using coupons: If you don’t normally use the item, don’t buy it just because you have a coupon, or in this case, because it’s on sale.

Let’s say Humble Grocer is running a “buy one get one free” promotion on paper plates.  I don’t ordinarily buy paper plates, so why would I purchase them?  If you don’t have a need for the item, don’t buy it.

Avoid Pricey Promotions

That’s right, not all “buy one get one free” promos are good deals.  Many retailers will use this promotion to conceal the product’s overall cost.

The simplest way to test whether a price is too high is to take the price for 1 and divide it by 2.

For this example, we’ll use Grumpy Grocer, since Humble Grocer would never try to trick its customers.

So Grumpy Grocer wants to run a “buy one get one free” promotion for their store-brand frozen pizzas, which usually cost $5.00 each.  Now lets say that during the week of the “buy one get one free” sale, they raise the price of a single pizza from $5.00 to $8.00.

You’re paying $4.00 for each pizza, and while yes, it is still cheaper than the normal price, you’re being tricked into thinking it’s a better deal than it really is.  Perhaps if they weren’t using this promotion, you might have picked up a cheaper pizza, or not bought a pizza at all.

Always Plan Your Shopping Trips

Planning your shopping trips will help you keep track of what items you want to purchase and give you the time to research where the deals are.

Stocking up on household favorites, checking grocery ads to find out where they’re cheapest, and only buying what you use and need are all great ways to maximize the benefits of “buy one get one free” promotions.

The best way to embrace the “Buy One Get One Free” is to plan out your purchases.  What type of planning do you do before you go grocery shopping?  Do you make shopping lists?  Check grocery ads?  Search for coupons?  Let us know!

Image: tungphoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net