cooljewelrydesign Giveaway: And The Winner is…

♪♫♫ Drumroll, Please! ♪♫♫

Sponsored by: cooljewelrydesign

I won’t hold you in suspense any longer! The winner of our cooljewelrydesign Giveaway, and winner of a beautiful Mustard Agate Pewter Bracelet is…

~ Ambre Sautter! ~

Congratulations Ambre! I’ll be contacting you personally with more details and address confirmation!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

And a special thanks to Pam from cooljewelrydesign for sponsoring this awesome giveaway! I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a sweet individual!  :D

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Etsy Giveaway Alert: cooljewelrydesign [Closed]

Sponsored by: cooljewelrydesign

Autumn Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love some festive free stuff?

Humbleville is enjoying Autumn with a new festive fall Jewelry Giveaway from one of my favorite Etsy Shops, cooljewelrydesign!

Want to know what we’re giving away? Well the wait is over! 😀

*Open to US residents only.

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Urban Pearl Giveaway: And The Winner is…

♪♫♫ Drumroll, Please! ♪♫♫

Sponsored By: Urban Pearl Studio

Without further ado, the winner of our Urban Pearl Giveaway, and winner of a beautiful white freshwater pearl necklace and earring set is…
~ Denise Hodgers! ~
Congratulations Denise! I’ll be contacting you personally with more details and address confirmation!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

And a special thanks to Lynn from Urban Pearl Studio who sponsored the giveaway! I’m so appreciative to have been able to work with such a lovely person! 😀

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Citizens of Humbleville

Go Team Humbleville!

This week, we started our very own Etsy Team: the “Citizens of Humbleville!”

Our team’s mission is to provide an Etsy community that focuses on selflessly helping others!

It’s a great way to connect with other Etsy sellers, learn more about the Etsy community, and make new friends!

Want to join Team Humbleville? No invitation required! 😀

Come and check it out: Citizens of Humbleville!

I’m a 21st Century Housewife

“Are You a Stay-At-Home Wife?”

Being a housewife is more than just cooking and cleaning!

Recently, I was asked why I decided to be a stay-at-home wife instead of having a career. I have a bachelor’s in business and don’t have any kids yet (I’m only 23, although my birthday is only 2 weeks away!), so what’s keeping me from getting a job?

I’ve actually gotten accustomed to being asked this, as well as all of the secondary questions that come after it: “What do you do at home all day by yourself?”, “Don’t you get bored?”, or the ever-awkward “I know a place that’s hiring, want me to get you an application?”
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Humble Shop is 1 Year Old!

Happy Birthday Humble Shop!

Our First Year on Etsy!

This week, Humble Shop celebrates it’s first full year on Etsy, September 2nd, to be exact!

Yup, we’re officially one year old! And boy, has it gone by fast, and has been lots of fun!
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Etsy Giveaway Alert: Urban Pearl Giveaway [Closed]

Pretty Pearly Pearls!

Sponsored By: Urban Pearl Studio

What girl doesn’t love a gorgeous string of pearls around her neck?

Humbleville is getting fancy for September with a Giveaway from one of my favorite Etsy Shops, Urban Pearl Studios!

Urban Pearl Studios specializes in handmade pearl jewelry, everything from classic white pearl necklaces to my favorite, the black pearl bracelet with swarovski crystals! OoOoO! And boy are they pretty! 😀

So I’m guessing you want to know what we’re giving away right?  Well mystery is over!

*Open to US residents only.

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Featured Etsy Seller: Charis Baby Designs

Managing an Etsy Shop on a boat isn’t always smooth sailling!

When I think of places I wish I could live, drifting along on a sailboat in the Bahamas would definitely make it onto my list!

So when I met Kim from Charis Baby Designs, and learned that not only did she run an awesome Etsy Shop, but she did it while living on a sailboat in the Bahamas, I nearly freaked with curiosity!

Loaded with questions, I asked Kim if she’d be willing to come on and talk about life on Etsy and on a sailboat! Take it away, Kim! 😀
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Etsy Giveaway Alert: Cookies & Milk! [Closed]

Cookies Cookies Cookies!

Sponsored By: Country Rich Creations

That’s right folks, we’re giving away Cookies and Milk!

But these aren’t just any old chocolate chip cookies…

We’re giving away a set of  “Cookies & Milk” Candles from our friends at Country Rich Creations!

No longer do you have to go through the hassle of baking cookies to make the house smell delicious! Plus, these cookies will last much longer than the real ones!

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The Personal Finance Olympics

Let the Games Begin!

The PF Olympics have officially began, and although Humbleville will not be competing this year, we proudly support the Wealth Artisan team as they compete in the games!

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