About Us

Our Humble Home

My name is Humble Laura and I was elected Mayor of Humbleville in May ’11!

I was born in this fair town back in 1988 to the most humble people I’ve ever met, Humble Mom and Dad.

In 2008, I married a wonderful man, Humble Timothy.  Now we live in a cozy 2 bedroom townhome with our black lab, Humble Pup, and two cats.

More about The Humbles:

  • We have been given grace and salvation from our Humble King, Jesus Christ.
  • I graduated in 2011 with my bachelor’s degree. I studied Marketing and Economics.
  • We’re happily a one-income household!
  • Humble Timothy runs a successful financial blog, maybe you’ve seen it: The Wealth Artisan.  Mine’s cuter.
  • We don’t have cable.
  • I make greeting cards. Check them out at HumbleShop.com.
  • Timothy and I are the youth pastors at our church.
  • We have a cat named Mike Wazowski. (The green, one-eyed monster from “Monsters Inc.”)
  • We play Halo. I’m pretty much amazing at it! No humbleness here!
  • Our favorite food is Hawaiian Pizza, in fact, we even ordered one on our anniversary last year.
  • We’re musically inclined.  I play piano and Timothy plays guitar.
  • My least favorite household chore is doing dishes. Unfortunately it’s Timothy’s least favorite also.
  • I’m addicted to buying scrapbook paper. I don’t even scrapbook!
  • Taco Bell is delicious… I think I’ve said that…
  • Recently saw “Dark Knight Rises,” and I liked it better than “Avengers“! Oh snap!

Humbleville Mission:

As the Mayor of Humbleville, my mission is simply this: To show the citizens of Humbleville that it’s easy, and sometimes even fun, to maximize the efficiency of their incomes. Learning to live on little is the first step in leading a happy and humble life!

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