Top 10 Dollar Store Deals

Humble Dollar Store

I love shopping at a dollar store! They’re cheap and you can find the best deals to save your family money! Plus, it’s thrilling to pay a dollar for something that the rest of the world pays three to six dollars for!

My favorite deals are basic items, but are some of the best value items I’ve found at the dollar store!

1. Pet Supplies. With 3 pets at home, Humble Pup, and the recent addition of a pair of felines, I’m always looking for a way to save money on our household pet needs. Having a dog and two cats means I have to buy 2 types of everything; food, treats, and toys, all of which I can find at the dollar store!

2. Dawn Dish Soap. You can also find a great assortment of cleaning supplies at your local dollar store for just $1, including some name brands! I love that I can pick up brands that I know and trust, like Dawn, from my dollar store without paying grocery store prices!

3. Kitchen Sponges. At our store, you can find 3 sponges for one dollar, nearly half the price you’d spend at the grocery store for 3 sponges of similar quality!

4. Window cleaner. I love window cleaner and grocery stores love to make a fortune on those name brands. I pay a dollar for each regular sized spray bottle I buy and have one under every sink in the house.

5. Paper Towels. $1 for a a twin-pack of paper towels is a great value for this kitchen essential.

6. Candy. Obviously if you buy in bulk at a warehouse store, you’ll find candy at a better price per oz., but I can’t keep that much candy in my house at one time (no will power). Instead, I can pick up a couple 8-packs of fun-size name brand candy bars, a much better value than the 6 bars included in now in most grocery store packs.

7. Gift Wrap. Have you ever looked at the prices of gift wrap at grocery stores or at big box retailers? You’re looking at $4-$5 for a roll of wrapping paper and $3 for a gift bag! Don’t forget the extra $5 you’ll spend on tissue paper and bows. At the dollar store, you can pick up all these items for only a dollar each!

8. Shower Gel. You get a 12 oz. bottle of the store brand for $1 and they come in a bunch of yummy scents like Coconut Apricot, Peach Pomegranate, Cucumber Melon and Vanilla Bean. They leave your skin soft and smooth for just a fraction of the cost of name brand body washes from the grocery store!

9. Body Lotion. The 8 oz. jar lasts me about a month and is a great moisturizer for the face, body, and especially feet, with everyone walking around barefoot in the summer. Not a bad deal for one dollar.

And last, but not least…

10. School Supplies. $1 pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, even different colored poster boards make back-to-school shopping much cheaper than going to your local office supply store! Seriously, who wants to pay $3.99 for a bag of 10 ordinary Bic pens?

Not all items at the dollar store are great values ~cough “$1 roll of toilet paper”~ but don’t let that keep from seizing some the amazing deals they do have!

Is there anything on this list that you have bought from a dollar store? What was the best value you ever found for $1? Let us know in the comments!