The Personal Finance Olympics

Let the Games Begin!

The PF Olympics have officially began, and although Humbleville will not be competing this year, we proudly support the Wealth Artisan team as they compete in the games!

Wealth Artisan, as many of you may already know, is owned and managed by Timothy Artisan, First Gentleman of Humbleville. Yes, that’s right, the Mayor’s very own husband is competing in these year’s PF Olympics.

If you wish to help support Timothy and the Wealth Artisan team, please vote for their article submission: “Yo Sucka, You Wanna Buy Stuff?”. To vote, click on the link below and then on the Gold Medal to the left of the article.

For those who really want to show off their W.A. pride, you can also comment on the article, tweet about it to your Twitter followers, and let friends and family know on Facebook!

To Vote, Please visit:

… And one final “Thank You” to all of those who have already voted!

Yeah, I put a link to Humble Shop in that sentence… Ever heard of Shameless self-promotion Tuesday? 🙂