The Humble Bee: Edition 7

Welcome to the seventh edition of The Humble Bee, the official newspaper of Humbleville!

Here at The Humble Bee, it is our goal to provide you, the citizens of Humbleville, with quality news coverage of the latest stories and upcoming events in Humbleville.

Etsy Craft Carnival

In recent weeks, Humbleville has been host to the Etsy Handmade Craft Carnival, a fun and exciting break from everyday life in Humbleville.

Each Friday, the Carnival opens to the citizens of Humbleville and features a new group of Etsy shops and items from the handmade community.

Don’t miss this Friday’s Carnival, as it is our largest Carnival to date! So get ready for some heart-healthy deep fried Twinkies and bright blue cotton candy, because the Carnival’s coming to town!

If you have an Etsy Shop and would like to be featured in next Friday’s Carnival, you can sign up here:

New Cards Available at Humble Shop

“Paisley & Polka Dots” Birthday Card

In a press conference earlier this week, the Mayor happily announced that Humble Shop, the official Greeting Card Company of Humbleville, has released many new and beautiful card designs!

If you’re not already a Humble Shop shopper, you’re missing out on the beautiful handiwork of our town’s beloved Mayor Laura. Revenue from Humble Shop goes to fund the town’s expenses so the citizens of Humbleville can live tax-free.

The Mayor also said in her statement that citizens could expect to see a variety of Fall holiday and Christmas cards in the coming weeks, as well as a 15% off coupon code exclusively for Humbleville citizens. Don’t worry Mayor, we’ll keep our eyes open!

As always, you can count on The Humble Bee to give you the buzz on the latest news in Humbleville!

Now onto the top stories of the week!

Hot Off The Press:

That’s it for the Seventh Edition of the Humble Bee!  Thanks for reading and hope you have a blessed day!