4 Easy Recipes Using Hot Dog Buns

The Versatile Hot Dog Bun

The Humble Hot Dog Bun

Both Humble Timothy and I love a good grilled hot dog, but all too often, for one reason or another, we’re left with more buns than hot dogs.

I thought this left me with only 3 options, cook up another pack of hot dogs, feed the buns to Humble Pup, or leave the extra buns in the pantry til they get moldy, Mmm.
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10 Ways To Use Stale Bread

In Humbleville, it’s important to never let anything go to waste.  This is crucial to learning how to live on little.

When the bread in your pantry starts to stale, don’t just throw it out or give it to the birds!  There’s lots of tasty tricks to resurrect your lame loaf!
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