The Personal Finance Olympics

Let the Games Begin!

The PF Olympics have officially began, and although Humbleville will not be competing this year, we proudly support the Wealth Artisan team as they compete in the games!

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A Humble Opinion on Extreme Couponing

Extreme Couponing: Revenge of the Scissors!

A few weeks ago, I had just finished up some shopping at a local Target here in Humbleville and headed to the checkout. There was no line, just the couple who was paying at the register.

I happened to glance into their cart and noticed it was loaded with barbecue sauce, just one brand, and well over 4 dozen bottles of it. When the cashier finished ringing up all their coupons, the coupon left with their barbecue sauce for only $2.14.
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Did You Forget The Dollar Store?

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Humble Dollar Store

Times are tight, and people are saving money anywhere they can. People are getting into extreme couponing, even using tactics that border on deceitful or illegal (please note, I’m not saying all extreme couponing is that way!).

When people are watching their pennies, it’s important to squeeze every bit of buying power you can from your dollars.
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How To Apply Acrylic Nails At Home

Never Pay for Another Manicure

When Humble Timothy and I got married in 2008, I had my first full manicure, basic French tipped acrylics.

I loved how my hands looked, no worries about chipped nail polish or cracked nails.  I started thinking, “Hey, I could really get used to this!”
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