Designer vs Drugstore Cosmetics: Which is the Better Value?

Are Designer Cosmetics Worth the Price?

Since the beginning of time women have had the desire to look their best. We have come a long way since the time of the beautiful Cleopatra. Back in the day she was envied for her elegance and beauty.

The ancient desire to have the best appearance and wear make up was true then as it is today. There was probably no designer names for her brand of cosmetics, but you can be sure they were made of the finest ingredients.
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Expensive Beauty Treatments You Can Do At Home

Paying to look beautiful?

Skip The Spa and Salon

It never ceases to amaze me to learn how people spend their money, especially those with little to spend.  For example, the surprisingly large number of women who may be financially strapped, but can splurge on spa days and pricey beauty treatments.

Personally, I have only been to a spa once in my life and it was on a gift certificate.  Although I had a nice time, I couldn’t believe how much it cost for each relatively basic treatment, ones that I could easily do myself at home.
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