I’m a 21st Century Housewife

“Are You a Stay-At-Home Wife?”

Being a housewife is more than just cooking and cleaning!

Recently, I was asked why I decided to be a stay-at-home wife instead of having a career. I have a bachelor’s in business and don’t have any kids yet (I’m only 23, although my birthday is only 2 weeks away!), so what’s keeping me from getting a job?

I’ve actually gotten accustomed to being asked this, as well as all of the secondary questions that come after it: “What do you do at home all day by yourself?”, “Don’t you get bored?”, or the ever-awkward “I know a place that’s hiring, want me to get you an application?”
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Welcome to Humbleville!

The Office of the Mayor

Greetings citizens of Humbleville!  Most of you already know me, Humble Laura, but I felt it was important to address you, the citizens of Humbleville, formally.

As, the newly elected Mayor of Humbleville, I wanted to say how truly appreciative I am of all your support throughout my humble campaign and victory to office.

Humbleville Mission:

Now that I’m Mayor of Humbleville, my mission is simply this: To show the citizens of Humbleville that it’s easy, and sometimes even fun, to maximize the efficiency of their incomes.

While I’m Mayor, I will make it my goal to see that each and every member of Humbleville has all the information they need to live cheaply and comfortably.

To help keep citizens informed of the many plans I have in store for our humble town, we have established Humbleville.com, the official Humbleville website. Here, cheap recipes, frugal shopping tips, DIY projects, and more, can be discussed openly by the citizens of Humbleville.

Happy finances lead to happy homes.  Learning to live on little is the first step in leading a happy and humble life!

Want to Learn More About Humble Laura?

If you don’t know already know Humbleville’s newly appointed Mayor, please check out the “About Us”  to read a brief bio and more on her mission for Humbleville!