Etsy Handmade Craft Carnival: #2

The Best Carnival in Town!

Welcome to the Carnival!

Greetings everyone and welcome to the second week of our Humbleville “Etsy Handmade Craft Carnival!”

Our first Craft Carnival was super successful and a big shout-out to all the crafters who participated in it! We featured a bunch of awesome items, everything from handmade jewelry to cat toys!

This week’s Carnival has a little something for everyone in it, so take your time and enjoy! …And don’t forget to grab some cotton candy before you leave… ūüėČ

If you have an Etsy Shop and would like to be featured in next Friday’s Carnival, feel free to sign up here.

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Etsy Handmade Craft Carnival: #1

The Best Carnival in Town!

Welcome to the Carnival!

¬†‚ô™‚ôę‚ôꬆ“Do do dodododo do do dooo do- do do dodododo do do dooo do!”¬†¬†‚ô™‚ôę‚ôę

That was my lame attempt at carnival music, You get what you pay for! (Admission’s Free).

Again, welcome to our very first crafting carnival!

What’s a crafting carnival you ask? It’s our way of supporting the handmade community, by featuring a variety of handmade items from all over the world!¬†Here, you’ll find everything from clothing and accessories, to home decor!

We’re so excited to have fellow Etsy Shop owners and friends here at the Carnival to showcase their awesome handmade goodies!

If you have an Etsy Shop and would like to be featured in next Friday’s Carnival, feel free to sign up here.

The¬†carousel¬†is spinning, the clowns are juggling, and the whole place smells like cotton candy. Sounds like we’re ready to go! ¬†Have fun and enjoy the Carnival!

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Cheap Valentine’s Day: Intelligent or Insulting?

Is it wrong to save money on Valentine’s Day?¬†

Earlier today I was on Twitter, catching up on some reading when I noticed an interesting tweet. It was about how Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year you should never be cheap.

Their reason? The obvious one, because you’re supposed to show someone how much they mean to you. But this got me thinking something entirely different…
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Handmade Valentine’s Day Card Tutorial

"Warm and Fuzzy" by Humble Shop

Will You be my Valentine?

There’s only one week left until Valentine’s Day and that can only mean one thing…

You’ve got 6 more days to procrastinate before you have to rush to Humble Grocer and choose from one of the 4 remaining Valentine’s Day cards on the shelf.
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Black Friday: Where I’ll Be Shopping

Ah, it’s Black Friday once again. Time to whip out the newspaper ads, print out the extra 40% off coupons, and organize my shopping schedule for the day. Well not this year!

This year, I won’t be leaving the house, I won’t be standing in line for hours, and I won’t be fighting for the last IPad in the store! (I’m not really a Mac person, I’m not trendy enough, I guess). Instead, I’ll be shopping in the comfort of my living room recliner!
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5 Reasons To Buy Handmade For Christmas

Buy Handmade this year!

The following is a neighbor post from Timothy from Wealth Artisan!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Well before you head to the local mall to empty your wallets at big-name retailers, consider the advantages of buying from a privately owned and operated store specializing in handmade products!
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The Humble Shop Grand Opening!

Visit us at!

Welcome to Humble Shop!

I know the anticipation has been building for some time as to what I’ve been up to, So I’m happy to finally introduce to you, the citizens of Humbleville, “Humble Shop”!

As many of you know, my number one goal is to save you money. ¬†Many of you also know of my love for D.I.Y. projects and buying handmade goods. ¬†So I thought “How can I incorporate both my passions into a project for our lovely town?”

After several weeks of research and planning, I established Humble Shop, an online store featuring our very own line of handmade greeting cards, Humbly Yours.

Greeting cards for any occassion!

Humble Shop offers a variety of cards for all occasions, from birthday cards to Christmas cards! Need something specific? No problem, we accept custom orders as well! Our prices are competitive and we always offer free shipping!

I know what you’re thinking… “How will buying greeting cards save Humbleville citizens money?” Well, the revenue earned from Humble Shop will supply the town with its spending budget, keeping citizens from paying unnecessary taxes on something they purchase anyways!

Don't forget your coupon code!

We welcome you all to visit Humble Shop at¬† Feel free to browse our greeting card selection and let me know what you all think! ¬†I’d love to hear your feedback! Find something you like? Get 10% off your next purchase by using code: HSGO1011 at checkout!

Humble Shop has been a lot of fun and hard work to put together, but I’m so pleased to finally introduce it to you all.

To visit Humble Shop, go to:

You can check also out our Facebook page at: or follow us on Twitter at: @humblelaura!

Humbly Yours,

The Mayor