The Personal Finance Olympics

Let the Games Begin!

The PF Olympics have officially began, and although Humbleville will not be competing this year, we proudly support the Wealth Artisan team as they compete in the games!

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3 Step Guide to Decorating on a Budget

Not our actual bedroom, but it’s pretty

Decorating is Expensive

I’ve always been a fan of those room makeover shows, in fact, I can still remember staying up late one summer and watching a “Trading Spaces” marathon with Humble Mom.

I’ve always loved decorating, and now that Humble Timothy and I are homeowners, I have this overwhelming desire to decorate our house.  The problem:  We’re a young, married couple, living on a single income. We don’t have a $1,000.00 to decorate each room!
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Generic vs. Name Brand

Are name brands worth the price?

The shopper’s eternal struggle between brand recognition and cost.  Is it more important to purchase the product a celebrity endorses it on a commercial or the generic counterpart that’s $2.00 cheaper?

Is a name brand spaghetti sauce better than a generic?  What makes one brand of cling wrap better than the next?  Does name brand wrap hold more securely?  Have you ever bothered to find out?
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Visit Our Neighbors

Visit Our Neighbors

There’s been a new addition to; Our “Neighbors” page! Here you will find many of my favorite finance, coupon, & free sample websites.

Whether you’re looking for online coupons, planning your next grocery trip, or just in need of some financial advice, our frugal friendly neighbors can help you!

Visit our Neighbors and make sure to come back to Humbleville soon!