A Humble Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Humbleville

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving again? Time for turkey (although this year we’re having Turducken!), pumpkin pie, and cranberry sauce, my favorite!

Thanksgiving is without a doubt one of my favorite days of the year, second only to Christmas Eve! And no, not just because of the food…
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5 Weekend Getaways Under $200

Relax Responsibly

Vacationing on a Budget

You’re probably already aware that saving money is high on my priority list, especially since it’s in such scarce supply in the Humble House.  So even when we go on vacation, we’re thinking about how we can keep costs down.

Now some people would argue that money shouldn’t matter when you’re on vacation… that it’s okay to spend frivolously because you’re “making memories.”  That’s just silly if you ask me!
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