Humble Shop is 1 Year Old!

Happy Birthday Humble Shop!

Our First Year on Etsy!

This week, Humble Shop celebrates it’s first full year on Etsy, September 2nd, to be exact!

Yup, we’re officially one year old! And boy, has it gone by fast, and has been lots of fun!
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Featured Etsy Seller: Charis Baby Designs

Managing an Etsy Shop on a boat isn’t always smooth sailling!

When I think of places I wish I could live, drifting along on a sailboat in the Bahamas would definitely make it onto my list!

So when I met Kim from Charis Baby Designs, and learned that not only did she run an awesome Etsy Shop, but she did it while living on a sailboat in the Bahamas, I nearly freaked with curiosity!

Loaded with questions, I asked Kim if she’d be willing to come on and talk about life on Etsy and on a sailboat! Take it away, Kim! 😀
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