One Month ‘Til Christmas Checklist

♪ It’s Beginning to Look a Little Overwhelming ♪

Our House at Christmas... Sort of.

First of all, how cool are the music notes!?

Moving on, Thanksgiving is over and there’s not much time before Christmas. It’s officially a month ’til Christmas and I’ve definitely begun stressing out.

So to help ease my worried mind, I decided I should write out my Christmas To-do list and check off what I already have done.  Hopefully this will make me feel better.
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Travel Tips: Road Trip Planner

On The Open Road

Don't Forget Your Driving Tunes

Road trips is my favorite way to travel, great time with friends and family, sight seeing, and saving money on airfare!

I’ve been on lots of road trips so I figured I could share my personal road trip checklist with you.  It will make planning your road trip exciting rather than a huge headache!
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