Save Money When Buying Organic

Organic Groceries for Less

For the last few years, Humble Timothy and myself have been trying to eat more organic food, including produce, meat, dairy and your grocery store staples, boxed cereals and canned soups.

As we, and other organic consumers, have learned, switching your shopping list to organically grown and manufactured products can seriously increase your grocery spending!

So that got me thinking… Over the past few years, I’ve read plenty of money saving shopping guides that give the usual tips about saving money at the grocery store, but why can’t this information also apply when you’re shopping for organic products?

Buying organic doesn’t have to cost more than what you’re already spending on groceries if you’re prepared. The trick is to know where and how to save money when you’re grocery shopping.

1.  Look For Coupons

One of my favorite ways to save money, whether I’m buying organic or not, I like to find and use coupons.  Finding coupons for organic products is surprisingly easy. Many coupon sites offer printable coupons shoppers can print out and bring with them on their shopping trips.

Another great way to find coupons is to check out your favorite organic brands’ websites. Many brands, like Stonyfield yogurt, have printable coupons on their website. as well as a rewards program and a newsletter that also inform shoppers about new products and promotions.

2.  Comparison Shop

After you’ve found some coupons for your favorite organic items, you might want to consider doing some comparison shopping.  It’s important to know what items you’re looking for, what stores carry them, and which of those stores charges the lowest price. That way, you can use your coupons most efficiently at the stores with the lowest prices.

3.  Use Store Rewards Cards

Once you know where you’re shopping, it’s worth the 3 minutes to fill out one of those forms for a customer rewards card if the store has one. Rewards cards or programs can offer special discounts, coupons, or promotions only available for members.

4.  Try An Organic Generic Brand 

Some grocery stores carry their own brand of organic products, for instance, Publix owns their own organic brand called “Greenwise” which in many cases, tastes just as good as organic name brands. Generic brands are a great and delicious way to save money on organic products.

5.  Buy in Bulk 

Like in almost every shopping situation, when you buy more, you save more. Buying your organic products in bulk might cost more upfront than your usual trip to the grocery store, but the unit cost will be much lower.

Also, buying organic food in bulk helps ensure the freshness of the products because organic foods have much fewer preservatives. This means their shelf live is shorter, thus requiring more frequent replacement and restocking.

6.  Visit Local Farmer’s Market 

One of our dreams is to have our very own garden, where we can grow our own produce. Unfortunately our current circumstances don’t allow the space or time required to maintain our own garden, so in the mean time, going to a farmer’s market is the second best alternative for super fresh produce.

A local farmer’s market is a great way to find produce that is both organically grown and easy on the wallet. Not only do you know where your produce is coming from, but the farmers can charge whatever price they feel is reasonable, which in most cases, is cheaper than what you find at the grocery store.

Are you an organic shopper? If you have any other money saving tips you use when you go shopping, we’d love to hear them! Leave us a comment and let us know!