I’m a 21st Century Housewife

“Are You a Stay-At-Home Wife?”

Being a housewife is more than just cooking and cleaning!

Recently, I was asked why I decided to be a stay-at-home wife instead of having a career. I have a bachelor’s in business and don’t have any kids yet (I’m only 23, although my birthday is only 2 weeks away!), so what’s keeping me from getting a job?

I’ve actually gotten accustomed to being asked this, as well as all of the secondary questions that come after it: “What do you do at home all day by yourself?”, “Don’t you get bored?”, or the ever-awkward “I know a place that’s hiring, want me to get you an application?”

What is a 21st Century Housewife?

“Wow! This person must think I’m crazy lazy!” Yes, I’m a wife, and I am home during the day… but I think there’s something that’s being lost in translation.

Here are a few of the common misconceptions about housewives today.

  • All housewives are from Orange Country. Well, not exactly. I’m not part of Humbleville high society, I don’t spend my day at the hair salon, “gettin’ my hair did”, and I don’t go out on afternoon shopping binges with the girls.
  • I want a job, but can’t find one.  It’s not the economy, I swear. Just because I don’t have a job, doesn’t instantly mean I want one. And next time we’re having lunch, please don’t hand me an application for the position that opened up at your workplace. I’m not interested. Thanks.
  • Housewives have no confidence. Precisely. This is exactly why I need you to find a job for me! While you’re at it, could you please go to the interview too? I don’t think I’d be able to handle that on my own… all those questions… Scary!
  • My husband won’t let me get a job.  He’s just a big meanie! Actually, no, he’s not. Most couples make the decision of becoming a stay-at-home spouse together. Yes, my husband supports that I stay-at-home, but that’s because I want to, and he’s being a loving, supportive, husband.
  • A housewife can’t earn an income. Are you sure? Have you ever heard of working from home or running your own home-based business? Guess not…

Being a Housewife and an Entrepreneur

I’ve worked normal jobs, and that is exactly the motivation I needed to become a stay-at-home-entrepreneur. I’m proud that I made the choice of being a housewife, and that I chose to live differently than the majority.

As you can see from some of the questions and statements above, it hasn’t always been easy, but it’s the choice that I’ve made, and I’m really happy I did. After all, Humbleville can’t run itself- they need the Mayor!