Humbleville Turns One Year Old!

Happy Birthday Humbleville!

Happy Birthday Humbleville!

That’s right, Humbleville is officially one year old today!

It’s been an exciting year and we couldn’t be more proud of everything we’ve accomplished this year!

First and foremost, one year ago today, our town began its online presence, when the Mayor established, the first official website of Humbleville.

Since then, has undergone several makeovers to finally end up with our latest layout, designed by the Mayor herself!

We also welcomed over 300 new citizens to our fine town. To refresh your memory, our population is based on our number of Twitter followers.

Yes, there have been lots of changes here in Humbleville over the past year, but rest easy knowing that the mission of Humbleville will not change: To show the citizens of Humbleville that it’s easy, and sometimes even fun, to maximize the efficiency of their incomes.

This next year, our one and only goal is to continue our work, teaching the citizens of Humbleville how to live on little.

And remember what the Mayor said in her first Humbleville address:

“Happy finances lead to happy homes. Learning to live on little is the first step in leading a happy and humble life!”

So get ready, because we’ve got lots of new recipes, shopping tips, DIY projects, and frugal living tips to come this year, and we can’t wait to share them!