How To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Take Care of Your Clothes

Make the Most of Your Wardrobe

Whether I’m shopping at the dollar store or making my own greeting cards, I’m looking for ways to save money…

Saving money doesn’t always happen instantly, like when you use a coupon. Sometimes saving money can be preserving what you already own.

With that said, if there’s something I can do to make my things last longer, instead of buying replacements, I’ll do it!

Caring For Your Clothes

  • Caring for your clothes starts right after you’ve purchased them. Rather than ripping off out the tags with your brute strength, use a scissors to prevent any damage.
  • Know when to hang them and when to fold them. Bulky sweaters can be stretched out if you hang them. At the same time, folding  dress clothing, especially made with expensive fabric, can create wrinkles that may be difficult to get out without ruining the clothing itself.
  • Regardless of whether you fold your clothes or hang them, you should never leave them in a heap. This sets in wrinkles that may be difficult to get out.
  • Ironing your clothing might make you look less messy, but could ruin your clothing in the long run. Ironing can deteriorate some fabrics, fade colors, and if done poorly, can scorch your clothing.
  • If you don’t plan on dry-cleaning your clothing, don’t buy clothing with labels that read “Dry-Clean Only.”
  • Use a Tide pen for small stains to cut down on washing.

Washing Your Clothes

  • If it isn’t dirty, don’t wash it! Washing your clothing too often can cause their colors to fade and fibers to break down at a faster rate.
  • Sort your laundry before you wash. This includes sorting through colors, as well as fabrics. You don’t wash a pair of jeans with a jagged zipper with a delicate chiffon blouse.
  • Before you put anything in the wash machine, flip your clothes inside out to protect them from fading.
  • When your clothes do get dirty, wash them in cold water rather than hot water. While some fabrics can be washed in hot water without damage, others, like nylon and spandex, won’t hold up to the heat as well.
  • When you do wash your jeans, avoid using fabric softener. It won’t ruin your denim, but it could cause yellowing and chemical build up on your clothes.
  • Choose medium heat for your dry cycles, as high heat can set stains you may have previously missed.
  • Avoid overloading your dryer, as this will make it difficult for the clothes to dry and come out unwrinkled.

Repairing Your Clothes

  • Stitch up holes in your clothing when you first notice them, otherwise they will only get worse with time.
  • If a tear is too large for a needle and thread to fix, consider using a patch to repair the clothing. Patches don’t have to be those basic, boring denim rectangles. Instead, make them fun to fit with your style, like these heart patches from The Pleated Poppy!
  • Hang onto those buttons that come with your clothes when you first purchase them and store them in an plastic organizer. Now, when you lose a button, you’ll at least have a proper replacement on hand.
  • If you need to restore an article of clothing to it’s original white brilliance, add about a cup of bleach after the first 10 minutes of the wash cycle.
  • Regular bleaching of clothes weakens the clothing’s fibers, therefore, bleach only as per your need.

Wearing Your Clothes

  • Lastly you need to know how to wear you clothing, for instance, wear the right clothes for the right situations. If you’re going to spend the day doing yard work, wear clothing you can get dirty.
  • Keep an extra pair of shoes in the car so if you run into conditions not suitable for the pair you’re wearing, like a rainy day, you have a back-up pair.
  • Undershirts are a good way to lengthen the life of dress shirts. Undershirts keep the sweat and other natural body odors from penetrating the shirt.
  • Don’t wear dress shoes while driving. Men: Driving with your dress shoes on puts them at risk for scuffing them on the pedals. Women: Heels can also be scuffed on pedals, but can also affect your ability to stabilize your feet on the pedals.
  • Hang up or fold your clothing after you’re done wearing it to avoid wrinkles.

What do you do to make your clothing last longer? Are they any other tricks you use that we didn’t mention? If so, leave us a comment and let us know!