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Maximize Your Money With Mint

I may know a lot about saving money, but one area of finance that I tend to ignore is budgeting.

Sure, we always use coupons and shop during sales, avoid buying luxury items and dining at expensive restaurants, so setting a budget for our spending just seems irrelevant, right?

That changed one day, when Timothy and I were looking at our online bank statement. Our faces dropped. “What happened?!  How much did we spend at Wal-Mart? And what the… Did we really go to Taco Bell 5 times last week?”

The answer: Yes, and it was delicious!

The point I’m trying to make is that although we shopped smart, most of the time, and didn’t eat at expensive restaurants, we were still financially irresponsible because we didn’t set spending limits.

Later that day, my husband signed up for to help us keep to our budget and track our spending. Now, we get e-mail reminders when we’ve exceeded our budgets for grocery shopping or fast food (We’re trying really hard to break that habit, but those Dorito Tacos are tasty!).

Below, I’ve included a video review/tutorial Timothy made for Wealth Artisan that shows you how to use Hope you find it useful in establishing a budget for you and your household! Review –

This was not a paid review for, we just really like their service! 🙂