How I Handle Holiday Stress

So Much to Do, So Little Time!

Can you believe Christmas is almost here?! It’s time to start defrosting the turkey, finish wrapping the last few gifts, and pick up family and friends from the airport.

When you look at all the things you still have to do, it’s easy to feel discouraged and stressed. But not to fear, I have a handy cure for Holiday stress!

  • Watch the movie “Elf”.

I already watched “Elf” once this holiday season (while I was putting up my Christmas tree), but I’m thinking that this particular movie will find it’s way into my DVD player once more before the big day! Seriously, how cute is Will Ferrell?!

  • Listen to Christmas tunes. 

Once Thanksgiving is over, I’m ready for a month of Christmas jingles! Although some songs get under my skin… a perfect example is the over-played “12 Pains of Christmas”, I still love singing along no matter where I am! My favorite song this year is “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” by Aaron Shust.

  • Leave the cooking for Christmas. 

Now that doesn’t mean I won’t be cooking at all for the next week, only that I’ll be avoiding large meals with lots of clean up. I can either spend an hour or two prepping, making, and cleaning up, I can  make something simple like Mac ‘n Cheese and spend the rest of the time on chores.

  • Get enough sleep. 

So I’ve realized that when I’m tired, it seems like the quality of the work I do is severely compromised! I can either do a mediocre job and have have to redo it later, or I can get a little more rest, and do a quality job once. I mean really, who wants to vaccuum stairs twice?!

  • Buy last minute gifts online. 

With only a week before Christmas, most people are getting anxious about finishing up their shopping lists. Instead of driving all around town, fighting crowds of people, and standing in line for 15 minutes at a time, I’ll be taking advantage of the last month of my student membership of Amazon Prime! Woot for free two-day shipping!

Sometimes it’s hard to relax during the Holidays, but just remember that enjoying time with family and friends is one of the most important things you can do this Christmas… So don’t stress so much!

How are you handling your holiday stress? Will you let yourself relax this Christmas or will you wait until it’s passed to relax? Let us know in the comments! 

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