Happy New Year Humbleville!

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to take a few moments to wish all the citizens of Humbleville a very Happy and blessed New Year!

This past year has been a very monumental one for our little town, with the introduction of our very own website as well as the grand opening of our official Humbleville card store, Humble Shop!

I’m proud of the accomplishments we’ve made in 2011 and am excited about what the coming year has in store for us!

With that said, I want to mention a few personal resolutions I’ve made for the New Year. I usually don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but figure maybe I can use these resolutions to help motivate our citizens in 2012. Without further ado…

A Few Humble Resolutions

  • Read the Bible more.
This is something I always seem to fall short on… I can always make time in my day to work on Humble Shop, visit Facebook, watch Jack Bauer save the world, and go to the movies with my hubby, but for some reason reading my Bible takes a back seat to these other, less-important tasks… This year, I want to re-evaluate my priorities and spend more time with Jesus in His Word.
  • Plan efficient shopping trips. 
One issue that I’ve had this past year was taking way too many late night trips to Humble-Mart for one or two items at a time. This year, I will resist the temptation of “Now Syndrome” and consolidate my multiple shopping trips into one, well-planned trip.
  • Use more coupons.
I’m usually pretty good about using coupons, but sometimes I still find myself at checkout with no coupons in hand… How can I remedy this? Well it goes back to my previous resolution of planning my shopping trips better. If I spend a little time planning when I’m going and what I’m buying, clipping and printing coupons will be a cinch!
  • Get back to my wedding weight.
Weight-loss is probably the most common New Year’s resolution ever, but whatever! I still would like to lose a few lbs and I don’t have any shame in admitting it! I foresee many salads in 2012!
  • Spend more time in Humbleville.
Since Humble Shop’s Grand Opening back in September, it’s been increasingly more difficult to dedicate time to Humbleville and the growth of Humbleville.com. This year, my on-going goal is to make this website a source of unique and useful information and advice for our citizens. If there are any topics you’d like to see on Humbleville, feel free to let us know!
Well those are my New Year’s Resolutions… Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions for 2012? If so, what were they?