Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!

Greetings citizens of Humbleville!

We here at the Mayor’s office wanted to wish everyone in Humbleville a fantastic Fourth of July!

This year we broke tradition and actually celebrated the Fourth on the First!

Okay, I guess to be more accurate, we celebrated on both July 1st and July 4th. Some of our family work on the Fourth and wouldn’t have been able to be in attendance, so we had a barbecue on both days.

It is actually sort of awesome because Humble Mom made her awesome A1 burgers and corn on the cob both days, not to mention she also made twice as many Rice Krispie Treats! I talk about food this much in person too, it’s terrible!

The Humble Home even got a surprise visit from Sheriff Paul, who stopped by to wish us a Happy 4th!

Also, for those who might remember last year’s Fourth of July post, we were going to shoot of a few fireworks for Humble Pup… In my mind, I’m was thinking, “Oh, this is going to be so cute! She’s going to get all excited over the sparklers, Roman candles, and whatever other junky fireworks we bought!”

I didn’t even get through a full sparkler and she was so terrified that bolted down the street. When we finally caught up to her, she was a good half mile down the road, still scared to death!

So no fireworks this year, other than the ones we can see from the comfort of our second floor guest room window. Turns out, those are the only ones she likes!

Anyways! I hope you and your families all have a very safe, and happy Fourth of July. And just a hint, if your dog doesn’t like fireworks, firecrackers won’t change his or her mind, believe me!

Humbly Yours,

The Mayor