Funny Ways We’ve Saved Money

“Don’t Judge Me!”

Most people like to save money when possible, it’s built into our nature. We work hard for our money, we want to keep it!

In our household, we usually cut costs using what most would consider “conventional” methods; cutting coupons, shopping during sales, and eating out as little as possible, although sometimes we fail; Taco Bell is delicious!

We’ve learned that to stretch our money, we need to be creative! Below is a list of things either I, or my husband, or both of us, have done to save money. Read a couple and let me know: Crazy or Genius?

1. I feed my cat Puppy Chow so I don’t have to buy both cat and dog food.

Hear me out before you start jumping to conclusions about me playing favorites! Even though she had cat food, our cat would still eat from Humble Pup’s bowl. I figure, if the cat is going to be eating the dog’s food anyways, might as well buy a kernel size she could eat easier than large breed dog food, thus, the Puppy Chow, plus it has enough fats to accommodate both of their diets. My cat has never had a hair ball, so that seems like it’s working just fine!

2. Timothy would buy a bag of Frito’s from the gas station and fill it with free condiments.

I just realized that this article topic is probably going to make us look absolutely crazy, but whatever, at least I’m being honest! So back in the day, while we were still dating and Timothy was still a roofer, he would buy a bag of Fritos from a local gas station, open it up, and fill it with free chili and cheese. Probably not a healthy lunch, but it sure was cheap!

3. We use junk mail as charcoal grill starter.

It’s not so much for the savings of not buying lighter fluid, but rather the principle of it. Some people never learn what their purpose in life is, and I’m grateful to have learned it so early in life. It’s burning junk mail.

4. Timothy and I shared a school parking pass.

Not only were we newlyweds living on a single income, but both my husband and I were full-time students as well.  It may seem insignificant, but a campus parking pass at our University was pretty pricey at the time, $179 per student, per semester! Sure, we had to meet at a Target parking lot to drop one of our cars off and drive onto campus together with our one pass, but whatever, we saved $179!

5. Found a TRU buffet slowcooker and server for $17 and bought 4 of them. 

This might not sound like a method for saving money, but let me explain the scenario we were in. My mom wanted one, (She figured it would be good for holidays), but they’re typically $100+ for one of these 4-pot buffet servers, so she decided against it. Apparently at Kohl’s, they’re considered a holiday item. So come March, when we just happened to be browsing through the store, we found a whole display of them on clearance for $17 each!

The funny part was watching me make trips back and forth, carrying these massive buffet servers to the register, getting the quizzical looks from other shoppers, and then hoisting them all into my little white compact car. We bought one for Mom, one for my sister-in-law’s birthday, one for a wedding gift for a cousin, and one for ourselves. To top it all off, I had a 30% off everything coupon… I think that counts as saving money, don’t you?

These are just a few of the ridiculous things we’ve done to save money! What funny ways have you saved money? Let us know in the comments!