Did You Forget The Dollar Store?

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Humble Dollar Store

Times are tight, and people are saving money anywhere they can. People are getting into extreme couponing, even using tactics that border on deceitful or illegal (please note, I’m not saying all extreme couponing is that way!).

When people are watching their pennies, it’s important to squeeze every bit of buying power you can from your dollars.

Every time I walk into a dollar store, I’m completely surprised at many of the things that I find.¬†Sometimes, I go to dollar stores just to browse and see what items are being sold, and it amazes me. Firstly, there are American made things available. They aren’t nearly as abundant as some of the other countries, but they exist.

Secondly, I’m amazed at how much we pay elsewhere for comparable items. Lots of people say “you get what you pay for” and often I agree. But on less sophisticated items like ribbon for balloons, why pay 3 times the price at the local big box for the same quantity?

The Dollar Store?

Dollar stores are extremely popular, so I’m sure you haven’t forgotten about them entirely, but when was the last time you visited one? I highly suggest visiting a dollar stpre, looking around, and writing down the items you would consider purchasing.

Keep this list and reference it when you’re creating your next shopping list. My wife and I have saved tons of money by supplementing our shopping list with items from the dollar store.

Warning: The Dollar Store Daze

You should be extremely cautious to not fall into the dollar store daze. That is: just because something is for sale for a dollar, it doesn’t mean it is a good price. Often, stores will sell items in an odd quantity to make the deal seem better than it is.

For example: I’ve seen single sponges being sold for $1. That is not a good deal to me. I can get sponges daily for a lower price! Another tricky item can be candles. You can often get higher quality candles at lower prices depending on the size of the candle.

You Get What You Pay For!

As mentioned, I generally agree, but the dollar stores tend to sell less sophisticated items where that don’t fall into that category. For example, dollar stores don’t sell furniture or electronics, which are two categories where you get what you pay for. For simple items that don’t require a high level of skill or precision to manufacture, you tend to get similar quality whether you pay $1 or $2.50.

Often, what you’ll pay $2.50 for at a big box, will essentially be the same thing you get at the dollar store, just with a different label or name stamped on it. Use your best judgement. We can all pick something up, look at it, and determine if it is worth the $1 or not. Just be sure to scrutinize the item the same way when you are looking at it in the big box store for twice the price!

Great Prices To Be Found

The dollar store offers many great deals, and they should be taken advantage of. I know soda is bad for us, but I find it amazing that stores try to charge $1.80 for a 20 ounce soda, the dollar stores near us sell them (brand name and all) for $1 still. I haven’t seen vending machines that sell them for $1 in years!

If you haven’t been to the dollar store in a while, it would be worth your time to visit and see how you can squeeze more power out of your dollar. You just might be surprised!