Designer vs Drugstore Cosmetics: Which is the Better Value?

Are Designer Cosmetics Worth the Price?

Since the beginning of time women have had the desire to look their best. We have come a long way since the time of the beautiful Cleopatra. Back in the day she was envied for her elegance and beauty.

The ancient desire to have the best appearance and wear make up was true then as it is today. There was probably no designer names for her brand of cosmetics, but you can be sure they were made of the finest ingredients.

We all like to look and feel we have come from royal status. How can we have that designer look without breaking the bank? Comparative shopping and a little research will help us find some answers. Comparing high-end cosmetics with drugstore brands can prove to be an eye-opener.

The Comparison

The first difference you’ll notice between the two, besides the price difference, is the packaging. Designer lines spend a lot of money giving their cosmetics cute and unique packaging, intended to catch your attention. This makes the product more appealing to the eye, but not the pocket-book.

Next we look beyond the rhinestone encrusted compacts, sparkly pink bottles, and little silver charms and look the labels. The old saying is not to judge a book by its cover, and it’s true. Designer products are made of high quality ingredients, but if you compare the labels, drug store make-up has many of the same ingredients. Drug store cosmetics are much less in cost giving the same wonderful results in performance.

The Verdict

Today we’re all looking for a great value. Testimonials have revealed that it is a matter of preference. Each person is different. Some women may rave about a designer brand cosmetics, while others have been using a drug store brand their whole lives with amazing results.

There are many amazing affordable products in the drugstore. Do your homework on these cosmetics and you will find they give you amazing coverage and guides for color-matching. Cleopatra did not have the luxury of running to the drugstore, thank goodness we do.

Which type of cosmetics do you prefer: designer or drugstore? Which do you think is the better value? Let us know in the comments!