Black Friday: Where I’ll Be Shopping

Ah, it’s Black Friday once again. Time to whip out the newspaper ads, print out the extra 40% off coupons, and organize my shopping schedule for the day. Well not this year!

This year, I won’t be leaving the house, I won’t be standing in line for hours, and I won’t be fighting for the last IPad in the store! (I’m not really a Mac person, I’m not trendy enough, I guess). Instead, I’ll be shopping in the comfort of my living room recliner!

My Reasons for Shopping Online

1. N0 Lines

Let’s see… get up at 2am (that’s being conservative), scramble to find a parking spot, race other parkers to the end of the line, and then stand in line for 3+ hours in the cold? Even Humbleville’s balmy climate shivers at the thought of me spending my Friday morning shopping!

So after I’ve shoveled a bunch of turkey in me the previous day, I supposed to force myself out of bed some insane hour and rush to the store to stand in line? I don’t think so. Instead, I’ll spend Thanksgiving evening browsing the big Black Friday deals online rather than going to the store itself.

Most retailers start their Black Friday sales early online, letting shoppers order those “have to have” items rather than running to the store.  That means no lines, no crowds, and no getting elbowed by a grandma. It’s sad how often that’s happened to me.

2. Free Shipping

Free Shipping from Best Buy? Don’t mind if I do!  As I said before, most retailers offer their doorbuster Black Friday deals online, and sometimes even before the in store sales begin. One added luxury many retailers include with their online store is offering “Free Shipping” on Black Friday purchases!

So don’t worry about what it will cost to ship that 55″ flatscreen, because it’s free!

3. Buying Handmade

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but my third reason for skipping the mall this Friday is because I’ll be buying most of this year’s Christmas gifts on Etsy. If you don’t know what Etsy is, it’s an online community for crafters to showcase and sell their handmade items.

Obviously I’m an Etsy fan, as I manage Humble Shop, Humbleville’s official greeting card store, but also because the people who make the items on Etsy do it because they love it. They time and care into each item they make because it’s their passion, it’s not just another job to them. You know that when you order something from an Etsy shop, you can expect great quality, service, and surprisingly, prices!

Ever heard of a coupon code? Well Etsy allows shop owners to create coupon codes for their special events… like Black Friday perhaps! That’s right, many shops are featuring Black Friday sales that allow shoppers to buy something a bit more special at a good price!

Check out Etsy’s Black Friday Sales in this week’s edition of The Humble Bee, the official newsletter of Humble Shop!

No matter what your plans are for this Black Friday, I hope you all have a safe and relaxing Black Friday weekend!