Affordable Things to Do on July 4th

Happy Fourth of July!

Greetings citizens of Humbleville!

We here at the Mayor’s office wanted to wish everyone in Humbleville a fantastic Fourth of July!

I’m happy to say I will be spending the day with family, enjoying some great barbecue, and lighting off some fireworks for Humble Pup! (She’s never seen fireworks!)

What are your plans for the Fourth?

Here are a few affordable ways to enjoy the day:

  • Backyard Barbecue:  Bring on the food!  Yes, we celebrate the Fourth of July as the day we, the United States of America, became a nation, however; I like celebrate it officially as Humbleville Hamburger Day!  So like I said, Bring on the burgers, the hot dogs, the macaroni salad, and baked beans, I’m feeling hungry!
  • Pool Party:  I like to pair this with my backyard barbecue!  Seems like the perfect fit for a hot summer holiday such as the Fourth of July!
  • Church Picnic:  Don’t forget to spend time with your church family also!  The best thing about church picnics, besides the company, is the pot luck!  Anyone up for some recipe swapping?
  • Beach Day:  3 tips for your Fourth of July beach day:  1. Bring sunscreen.  2. Wear sunscreen.  3. Reapply sunscreen.
  • Parades:  Many towns like to host Fourth of July parades!  Not only are parades fun for the whole family (I couldn’t help the cliche’), but they’re free, except for the few cases when you have to pay $5 to park somewhere… Either way, $5 is a small price to pay for a family-friendly community event!
  • Carnivals:  You want heart-stopping deep-fried Snickers bars?  You got it!  You want old and creaky kiddie rides?  You got it!  You want to get harassed by a bunch of obnoxious carnival barkers?  You got it!
  • Baseball Games:  Enjoy America’s past-time on the day of its birth!  Spending the day out in the stands is a great way to enjoy your Fourth!  You can usually find these tickets at a discount, since most people consider this a family holiday, keeping costs low.  It doesn’t hurt that most July Fourth games end in a free fireworks show, which brings me to my last, and most obvious idea…
  • Local Firework Shows:  This may seem quite obvious, but no “Things to do on the Fourth” list would be complete without it!  Don’t know where any firework shows are going to be in your area?  Try checking your Sunday newspaper or go online to a local news station to search for local events in the area.

*Quick Reminder:  Humbleville Memorial isn’t looking for new patients, so regardless of whether you’re barbecuing with your family, heading out to a fireworks show, or lighting some fireworks of your own, please stay safe this Fourth of July!

Humbly Yours,

The Mayor