5 Weekend Getaways Under $200

Relax Responsibly

Vacationing on a Budget

You’re probably already aware that saving money is high on my priority list, especially since it’s in such scarce supply in the Humble House.  So even when we go on vacation, we’re thinking about how we can keep costs down.

Now some people would argue that money shouldn’t matter when you’re on vacation… that it’s okay to spend frivolously because you’re “making memories.”  That’s just silly if you ask me!

What’s the point of carelessly spending your hard-earned money on a few extravagant days, only to come home with empty pockets, or in some cases, maxed credit cards.  Eek!

Vacationing on a budget doesn’t mean you’re restricted to just a “stay-cation.”  Check out these weekend getaways, all under $200 per person.  Want to know the best part?  You won’t even need to take time off from work!

1.  Go Camping.   

Camping is a great way to spend a weekend away from home!  No nights at an expensive hotel or fancy dinners, just you and the great outdoors!

Even if you don’t own any camping equipment (i.e. tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, etc.), most of it is affordable enough to purchase while sticking to our $200 budget!

Why I Like It: I love camping because it gets me away from the busyness of day-to-day life.  No cell phones, no televisions, and as much as I may love it at times, no computer.  It’s nice just getting away from all that stuff and enjoy the company you’re with, for me, it’s usually just Humble Timothy and Humble Pup.

2.  Stay One Night at a Nice Hotel.

Let’s be honest, camping isn’t for everyone…  That’s why I’ve included this option!  Pick a hotel within driving distance, one that would be considered expensive for you, around $150 for me, and check in for the night!

You can plan a movie marathon, read a book, sit out by the hotel pool (if they have one), or just catch up on some much needed R&R.  Then in the morning, enjoy a continental breakfast or room service!

Why I Like It: Here’s why I like this option:  You get the feeling of splurging because you’re staying at a hotel that would usually be considered forbidden, but you’re also keeping costs down by enjoying the amenities included with your stay.

3.  Go on an In-State Road Trip.

A great way to vacation on a budget is to go on a road trip!  Pick a destination in the state, somewhere you’ve never been, and spend the day driving there!

Once you’re there, explore the area, grab some lunch or dinner, take some pictures, and stop into a cheap hotel for the night.  The next morning, you’re back on the open road!

Why I Like It: My favorite things about going on a road trip around the state is a great way to spend quality time with friends or family.  My second favorite thing has to be the food!  Seriously though, I like the snacks.  I’m less enthusiastic about the bathroom stops.

4.  Visit a Bed and Breakfast.

I had never been to a bed and breakfast before, so I was kind of nervous when my Humble Timothy surprised me by planning our honeymoon around a Victorian bed and breakfast…

My thoughts: “Staying in a stranger’s home?  Uh… I could be more excited… ” But once we got there, it was amazing how warm and welcoming the owners were and how they made us feel right at home in theirs!

Why I Like It: One of the things I loved about staying at this B & B was that it was beautiful and affordable, leaving us plenty of money for food, entertainment, and souvenirs.  Thinking about it now, I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

5.  Go on a 2-Day Cruise.

They do exist!  In my opinion, there’s no better vacationing value than a cruise!  Not only does the price include your cabin, but also all your meals and entertainment on the ship!

If you’ve never been on a cruise, I highly suggest testing the waters with a 2 or 3 day cruise!  For less than $100 a day, you won’t be out much if you’d enjoy it, as unlikely as that is.

Why I Like It: Best thing about a cruise?  Penny slots!  I’m not usually the gambling type, but there’s just something magical about playing at a slot machine for hours on the same $5.00!  Now that’s cheap entertainment!

If you handle your money with care, there are plenty of ways you can relax responsibly.  How does your family save money when on vacation?  Let us know!