5 Reasons To Buy Handmade For Christmas

Buy Handmade this year!

The following is a neighbor post from Timothy from Wealth Artisan!

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Well before you head to the local mall to empty your wallets at big-name retailers, consider the advantages of buying from a privately owned and operated store specializing in handmade products!

1. The Personal

What is more personal than you purchasing an item from the hands of the person who made it? What will the recipient of the gift think when they find out that someone made it especially for them? We are so used to machines churning out our gifts, that we’ve forgotten the emotion connected with someone giving us something that was made by hand.

This is especially evident when you order a custom item from the crafter. You have literally purchased an item made specifically for you from the owner of the shop. How much more of a personal experience could you ask for?

Last time I purchased a greeting card, it certainly wasn’t crafted by the hands of the Hallmark CEO. To be honest, I’m not sure if any human hands touched the card before it was placed onto the shelf! Buying handmade brings a personal level to your shopping experience that is all but extinct in today’s mass manufactured world.

2. The Service

The crafters that I know take huge pride in the level of service they provide. Happy customers are return customers, and happy customers tell other people. Wal-Mart may have price cornered, but based on my experience, and the complaints of others, service is something to be desired.

When you buy handmade, you’re also purchasing personal service. You know the package is going to be packed neatly, presentation will be important, timeliness will be considered, and your opinion will matter. You aren’t only purchasing a product, you’re purchasing the detailed service that will come with it.

3. The Price

Many might rush to point out a higher price point, which may be the case on time intensive products, but for the most part, I’ve found prices to be relatively competitive especially when you consider quality (we’ll get into that next). For instance, Humble Shop Greeting Cards are priced in a similar price range to Hallmark, and American Greeting cards, and this is including shipping!

When you buy handmade, you are also paying for time, so if you are out to purchase a finely carved wooden bowl, or an intricately knit dress, you will most likely pay a slightly higher price, but you’ll need to consider the next two points before writing the price off.

4. The Quality

In the last section, I was discussing how many prices are right on par with the big name card companies. Some might point out that you can purchase a pack of 12 cards for $7 or $8, but the level of quality just won’t be there. You’ll end up with a folded sheet of paper with a picture printed on it.

With Humble Shop, you get a multi-layer card on heavy card stock. There is no comparing the quality of mass-produced goods that were made with the intent to maximize profit with handmade goods that had service and quality at the top of our checklist.

Have you ever purchased a shirt or sweater from a store, just to have it wear out, or fall apart a few weeks or months later? I have! You probably won’t have those issues when they’ve been handmade by a true artisan.

5. The Equality

When you buy handmade, you are supporting an independent crafter. You are creating a personal connection with both the recipient of your gift, and the person who made it for you to give. You are encouraging the continuation of making things by hand.

I don’t want to be a downer, but I think most people can see the elephant in the room. Consider what is being supported when you purchase items that have low price as their primary focus. We won’t name any names, but many of the stores we purchase from everyday have quite the history for employing slave labor, and low-income people in questionable conditions.

This Christmas, buy and give handmade. You’ll be surprised at how affordable it really can be, you’ll feel good about who you’re buying from, and your family and friends will be stunned that something was made especially for them.

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